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How does the VIP Pocket Square Exchange Experience work?

1. Sign up for $99/month. 
2. Select your Day/Time of weekly appointment. 
3. Visit APM’s VIP room at your appointment time. 
4. Select 3 squares or circles.  Wear them. Get compliments. 
5. Return 3 squares at your weekly appointment. Repeat. 

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1.Can I purchase one of the pocket squares from the VIP Exchange Experience?

We host quarterly sales events for our VIP Exchange Experience members where you can purchase pocket squares from the VIP room at a discounted rate. 

2.What are the benefits of the VIP Exchange Experience?5>

Our VIP Exchange Experience members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Choice of three pocket squares weekly*
  2. Access to our VIP quarterly sales event
  3. Free A Stylish Man shoe shine on exchange day (based on availability)
  4. 10% off main floor pocket squares 
3.Can I cancel my membership to the VIP Exchange Experience?

Yes, your membership can be cancelled at any time before your next membership bank draft date (the day of the month that you started your membership). 

4.What happens if I don’t return my pocket squares? Is there a late fee if I return the pocket squares after my return date?

We will send you a reminder the day before your exchange day. If you dont make it in, we will extend your selection for another week. If you dont return the pocket squares after the second week, we will charge your card on file for the cost of the square ($80 plus tax).

5.What is the cost of the membership?

Membership for the VIP Exchange Experience Is $99/month plus tax. A prepaid 3-month membership is $249.

6.Can I invite a friend to participate in my membership? 

Memberships are exclusive to the member. However, if your friend would like to join and we have availability in the club, please send them our way to sign up for their own membership.

7.How often will new pocket squares be added to the  VIP Exchange Experience?

The VIP Exchange Experience room will be refreshed on a quarterly basis. 

8.Is the membership worth it?

Heck yeah! A pocket square elevates your look whether casual or formal.  You will be noticed and your extra touch will be appreciated.  The VIP Exchange Experience allows you to maintain such a refined look at a fraction of the cost of purchasing 150+ pocket squares for the year.

9.Why should I join the VIP Exchange Experience vs buying?

We encourage everyone to have their own collection of pocket squares.  For those, however, who are just starting to wear pocket squares and dont have an assortment, this VIP Exchange Experience is a great way to have access to a selection of squares and rounds.  APM pocket squares cost $80.  If you purchase one square per month, you would spend $960 per year and have 12 squares.  With the VIP Exchange Experience, you get access to 156 squares.

10. Can I sign up in your store or is this online-only?

You can sign up online. You must physically pick up your pocket squares each week from our store. 

11. I would like to purchase a monthly membership for a friend, but I don’t want to have it be recurring on my credit card; how does that work?

If we have availability in the club, you can pay for a one month membership for a friend. If your friend decides to continue with membership after the month, we will switch the membership to the members name. Be aware that you will be responsible for pocket squares for the month of the gift membership. 

12. I’m concerned about cleanliness; how can I be sure the pocket squares I chose are germ-free?

Great question. Cleanliness is important to us as well. We will have the pocket squares professionally cleaned after each use.