About US

What makes any man a polished man? Oftentimes it's a simple gesture of a pocket square, a crisp collar, snappy bow tie, or perhaps a pair of suspenders and clever socks to compliment your style… A Polished Man is the place to shop for all the best in stylish accessories for men that will surely set you apart.

So who is the creative inspiration behind A Polished Man? Our owner, Charles Davis, Jr., a man with a strong sense of style and a sincere passion for sharing his creative ideas and expertise in selecting the very best in men’s accessories with each of our customers.

Our Story

When it comes to that one perfect accent piece, Charles prefers a nice pocket square and enjoys shopping for this signature item of his wardrobe whenever he’s traveling to new places. On his most recent birthday, Charles' wife Tiffane planned a short staycation in a nearby town, and one afternoon, they strolled together downtown and happened upon a popular, local men’s store. Excited to shop local, Charles and Tiffane found two pocket squares to add to Charles’ collection. Walking back to their hotel, Charles spoke excitedly about his plans to wear his new pocket square but also about how he genuinely wished these and other of his favorite accessories were more accessible and merchandised in a way that encouraged a male shopper to really get into the idea of adding pocket squares to their outfits.

From his experience, Charles only had a reference for these and other items like bow ties, cufflinks, socks and more, displayed in a jumbled pile on a table, making it a hunt to find the right one. Realizing there might just be other men like himself who are eager to shop for dapper accessories without the frustration, a place to go that had not only all the best in men’s accessories available, but displayed creatively, and even better, a curator or owner that recommended how to style and wear these fashionable add-ons, would be ideal.

Hours of brainstorming later, A Polished Man was born.

Our Mission