What Women Notice About Men

What Women Notice About Men

Have you read articles or ever watched trending videos about the 'top things that women notice first about men?'

Did what they say surprise you?

It’s not all about your looks as it relates to your general physical appearance, but about the finished LOOK that you pull together. There’s an important style detail that’s near the top of every list – your shoes.

It has been said, “A successful man will be judged by two things in life, his watch and his shoes.”

If you haven’t invested in a quality pair of leather shoes, now’s the time and yes, she will notice. Maybe you decide on an Allen Edmonds lace-up or a pair of Ferragamo loafers for business wear. On the other hand, there might just be the right pair of gently worn shoes in your closet that need just a little extra attention to look brand new. But a good pair of leather shoes can double for business or casual -- a special date with your partner or a stroll downtown on a warm summer’s evening is just the occasion to wear your new or revitalized shoes. 

When you arrive at your destination – whether it be work or a casual gathering, you don’t want your shoes to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. If you are going to dress to impress, don’t overlook your shoes. 

Remember, in lists of top things women notice about men, shoes and how clean they are rank in the top five!

At A Polished Man, we offer a wide range of the quality shoe care products to help you protect and preserve your investment in footwear. Check out our full line of cleaners, polishes, creams, and brushes that will help you achieve the art of the shoeshine. A recommended favorite? Charles is a big fan of the Saphir Renovateur Medaille D’Or 1925 -- a luxurious cream of natural ingredients that nourish severely damaged and abused leather with a rich hydrating polish.

Being dapper and really together means putting your best foot forward—a polished shoe is the “cerise sur le gateau.” Looking down and seeing your reflection in your shoes might be a shock but notice who is staring back – A Polished Man!

What about the shine? If you want to watch a pro, check out The Art Of Shoe Shining - YouTube to get a solid sense of how to whip that glow onto your best shoes. 

Take a Few Minutes to Put Extra Polish on Your Appearance

  • Step 1: clean your shoes.
  • Step 2: condition the leather.
  • Step 3: rejuvenate the color with a cream/polish.
  • Step 4: build the final shine with a wax polish.

It’s not rocket science – a small investment of time and the right product will transform your shoes from dusty and scruffy to looking brand new and yes, we promise... she will notice!

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