What Makes a Polished Man?

What Makes a Polished Man?

What makes A Polished Man?

Welcome to our first blog for A Polished Man. I am Charles, co-owner alongside my wife, Tiffane. We are excited to bring you a space that men can engage on topics related to fashion and how it parlays into confidence and the way we show up in the world.

So what makes A Polished Man? If you Google “a polished man,” you’ll see pics of men with painted nails. The search results almost made us reconsider our business name because it clearly was not aligned to our message.

They say the clothes makes the man. I counter. I believe the man man makes the clothes, and wears them well. But, from my standpoint, it’s all about the details. Any man can put on a nice suit (pants, shirt, and jacket) but what makes you stand out are the “pops” you choose to polish and finish off your look.

Let’s be honest...we all want to stand out, not necessarily to be showy like a peacock spreading its colorful feathers for everyone to see, but to be remembered. Whether it’s to be known within your circle as the go-to for your skills, or for your new prospective client to see you as the reliable, competent option, or your wife to be reminded of one of the gazillion reasons she married you; we all want to be remembered. To be remembered means we are relatable.

But we want to be remembered as an individual, who brings value to whatever space he enters. How many times have you shown up in the same blue shirt as every other man in the room? Selecting your personal details will help you establish your personal brand, representing how the world sees and remembers you.

Those “pops” or finishing touches can completely change the vibe you give off, regardless of the look- casual to formal. Whatever your thing is- hats, neck ware, pocket squares, belts, suspenders, socks or shoes- any of them can be ways to add uniqueness to your personal style.

Let’s use our personal style to be who we are!

As the owner of our unique store, I sincerely hope you join our family of style setters, because we believe every man can be A Polished Man.

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