The Splendor of the Derby

The Splendor of the Derby

This year, probably more so now than ever, we are all looking for the next best chance to celebrate, an opportunity to dress up and prance around town in our finest—on May 1st, the renowned Kentucky Derby is actually happening at Churchill Downs.

Kentucky Derby Painting

For more than a year now, we have been unwilling prisoners in our homes, and the isolation and separation from the people and places we love have taken its toll. The year’s most popular two minutes of horse racing is scheduled and is sure to be packed with huge crowds thirsty to celebrate life and togetherness. All over the country, bets will be wagered hoping to pick the winning horse. Historically the Derby races are riveting, with a nail-biting finish, but the race is only a small part of the derby.

The Kentucky Derby is a grand social extravaganza—an American parade of the best of food, drink, and dapper fashion.

And no, you don’t have to travel to the bourbon state to participate! There will be parties in private homes, clubs, restaurants and everywhere in between. Whether you host your own event at your house or join others at a public soirée, you must dress the part to fully imitate and savor the full experience of Derby Day! 

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep

At the forefront of Derby fashion is a wide array of hats whose colors span the rainbow and reach to the skies atop the crowns of women who walk with extra sass and confidence all day. The pastel and flowered sundresses dance as they move from one conversation to the next (socially distanced where designated, of course), and checking out the competition (friendly of course), with a refreshing mint julep in hand. 

But Kentucky Derby fashion is not just about the ladies!  Whether you travel to the Big Race in person, or don your style at a nearby party, this will be the perfect opportunity for the fellas to unleash all their pent-up fashion deprivation. Now is the time to plan, to visualize—Bold colors. Exciting patterns. Unique fabrics. Multiple accessories. This day is where 'more is more' never meant so much! Take your creative spirit up a notch—break away from your everyday style. 

Kentucky Derby Fashion for Men

We suggest you consider starting with a great sports coat or vest, a crisp striped shirt and colorful pants to create your base. Compliment the base with a bow tie (ahem, look no further), a signature statement piece, to take your look to the next level. Next, add a pocket square (need we say more?) for that extra detail, and fun socks (dapper toes anyone?) to complete your look. Finally, make sure those shoes of yours are polished to shine bright with your #DapperDerby look. 

The Kentucky Derby is a place to see and to be seen—be seen and be memorable. 

Not quite sure how to pull it together? Guys, don't stress it, A Polished Man has you covered. Throughout the month, we will curate and spotlight some easy-to-ensemble inspirational looks. And, with our #DapperDerby Giveaway, you can even win a fashionable accessory to get you started for your Derby party outfit! Stay tuned for all the details and announcements starting next week!

Are you a local Greenville, SC resident? We will see you at The 6th Annual Kentucky Derby Viewing Party at Fluor Field. All proceeds of this fine bash benefit First Tee Upstate. Dont' delay, be sure to score your Derby Day tickets now >  First Tee Upstate Events.

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See you at the races! - Charles & Tiffane 

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