The Most Unappreciated Accessory

The Most Unappreciated Accessory

Some of the most polished men often ignore one of the important accessories—underwear. 

Growing up, most of us didn’t shop for our own underwear, right? Mom or Grandma likely gave us our new tighty-whities. It was an expected part of gifting for Back2School, Christmas, or birthdays. At least, that’s when my three brothers and I got ours. It was expected and oh so boring.  

As we grew up, most guys transitioned to silk boxers or boxer briefs, but there were some guys that held onto their tighty-whities into adulthood. Uh, that’s a whole other conversation. There were also those guys—the rare, mature and self-assured guys ready to flaunt their package in a more fashionable way with an upgrade to a designer brand. Essentially all the same, just a different name. 

Until about a year ago, I had a drawer full of randoms. I just kept adding a pair here and there. Then, my wife, who totally gets off on buying me things she thinks will change my life, gave me a set of 2UNDR for my birthday. She was so convinced, I got a pair for each day of the week. 

As I surveyed my drawer of underwear, I must admit I felt a bit nostalgic, remembering those childhood days. Secretly, her gift of underwear didn’t hold much more excitement for me than when I was given underwear as a boy. She, on the other hand, was giddy. I must admit, though, when I touched the fabric for the first time, my nostalgia quickly evaporated. The 2UNDR felt different than any other pair of underwear I had ever had—they were that authentic! 

So my wife has definitely created a monster. Not me...him. He’s a little cocky now. He won’t accept anything else—no other brand will do—and demands that the special attention continue.  He refuses to share his JOEY POUCH® , requesting his friends to stay in their separate space, not wanting them to touch him, like a plate divided with peas and mash potatoes. And you can tell he’s pleased—a real cool cat and dry as bone, thanks to the NO-DRIP-TIP™. 

Needless to say, I can’t wait until the next occasion for my wife to gift me. My 2UNDR collection is growing, dominating, and will soon be the only brand I wear.

Who knew I would get so excited about underwear?!?!

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  • Jack Curry

    Kudos to y’all for recognizing our brand as an elite performance brand that makes men happy managing their “assets”. #assetmanagement, #joeypouch.
    We appreciate the support (pun intended) of 2UNDR.
    Best regards,

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