Same Style || Small Surprises

Same Style || Small Surprises

It’s been shown that many successful people share similar behaviors. They wake up early, read a lot, dedicate time awake to thinking, exercise, sleep, and avoid wasting time. This makes perfect sense to me.

However, there is one surprisingly common behavior that these guys, who are at the top of their game, stick to like they stick to their morning routine. I’m still not committed to it, though. That is, they wear the same outfit every day. Let me name some famous people who faithfully wear the same outfit everyday—it’s easy to visualize them in these outfits because you have seen them time and time again.

  • Bill Gates—v-neck sweater over a collared shirt
  • Steve Jobs—black turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers 
  • Albert Einstein—gray suit
  • Mark Zuckerberg—gray t-shirt with jeans
  • Barack Obama—blue suit 
  • Warren Buffet—khakis and a sweater 

Interesting. Of course, I would love to live the life of these guys, but I am not willing to turn my closet into a monochrome box. 

I must admit though, the science behind this concept is fascinating.  Do you know why these famous individuals have such boring closets?  Quite simply because it takes less time to decide what will be the chosen outfit of the day. Think about it—quite simply, the less brain power and time you spend choosing an outfit (which shirt—striped or patterned, sweatshirt or dress shirt; short sleeve or long sleeve goes best with which pants—jeans or slacks, blue or black, regular or slim fit), the more energy you will have to put towards more important decisions. 

I understand the logic, but I still disagree. My choice of clothes is definitely an important decision every day. It helps me be the best version of myself. The confidence I feel when I have just the right monogrammed shirt and well-fitting pants, paired with shiny cufflinks, a spiffy colorful bow tie, and blazer with a complimenting pocket square is undeniable. It affirms who I am and what I have to offer. Now I am ready to go out and conquer the world. 

So, I wondered, is there another reason these successful, famous, and wealthy men wear the same thing over and over? Then my wife educated me on her belief that there is another benefit. Their choice of the same, predictable outfit solidifies their personal brand. Regardless of how unfashionable their daily outfit might be, everyone knows who they are when they see them. 

  • Winston Churchhill—bow tie
  • Michael Jackson—white glove

So, I propose a compromise; settling on a daily, monotonous outfit with obsessing over putting together the perfect outfit.

Make the decision to purchase the best fitting, best looking staples in a color that makes you feel like a million bucks. Commit to spending a little extra money since you are only going to invest in a few of them. Then, every day if you choose, go to your signature blue suit. But here’s the twist, don’t stop with the basic blue suit—add some style. Build your bow tie and pocket square collection to turn that blue suit into a different outfit every day with small extras that you and everyone who comes into your presence will notice.

You won’t regret it and your own signature style will be born—a style uniquely your own. Same style—small surprises. 

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