Ladies, Lingerie for Men?

Ladies, Lingerie for Men?

Absolutely, but I'm not speaking about your man's undies...

Yes, February is here! If you’re looking for something different for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift, may I suggest men’s lingerie?

No, I’m not talking silky underwear. Lingerie used to always be about undergarments that the public’s eye couldn’t see. In 2021, we see that alluring, soft, beautiful fabric peeking through during daylight, giving hints of what lies beneath. So what is it exactly?

I’m convinced that I’ve discovered the man’s version. Hear me out. 

I love seeing my man in his lingerie. Touching and feeling his fabric against my skin is so erotic. It’s the not his boxers though, it’s the pop in his coat pocket.

Pocket squares give that extra “oomph” to a well dressed man. It makes him walk taller. It gives him personality. It sets him apart.

This one signature detail can be just as soft as your unmentionables, just as sexy, and that subtle little 'something' that he’ll find he really loves and a touch you'll appreciate.

But wait, what if your man isn't quite sure how to style or creatively fold a pocket square? What an excellent way for you to be a part of his dressing and be able to snuggle up nice and close while also lending a hand with the tricky part!

Let's give it a go, with some simple steps:

  • Fold his pocket square in half on one side.
  • Fold that initial fold in half again on the other side.
  • Determine the width of his pocket, and fold the two sides in horizontally to fit accordingly.
  • Fold once vertically and smooth out his pocket square until you’re left with a straight, clean rectangle.
  • It should just peek through his pocket, offering a minimalist addition to looks.
  • Ensure the top of your fold follows the slant of his pocket.

And there you have it - a super classic way to bring in a modern, polished look to your favorite man's everyday style. 

So take some time and check out our premium, unique selection and get your man a sexy pair of “pocket squares," his blazer will never be the same!

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