Do You Have Cold Feet?

Do You Have Cold Feet?

Hey man, you’re ready to take that big step—you’ve found the girl and she’s said “yes” to the dress—it’s going to be a blur from now until the big day.

Socks by Edward Armah

As the nuptials near, how many times will you get the inevitable question, “Do you have cold feet?” Just avoid answering if you can.

But, “Do you have cold feet?” A literal answer will do. “No, I have on socks.”

Centuries ago, socks were essential for protecting our feet and providing warmth. Today, socks are still a source of comfort and protection, but play a key role as a statement accessory. At A Polished Man, we’re talking “polish” and socks are a critical accessory. If you step it up a notch, socks can be a possible game changer.

At APM, we want you to put your best foot forward. Check out our great selection of quality socks by designer Edward Armah. Our inventory includes an ample assortment of socks with clean-cut styling and tailored of a superb cotton blend designed to provide superior comfort, moisture control, and style. Socks do matter.

Finish the statement. Be bold. Be confident.

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