Are Pocket Squares Overkill?

Are Pocket Squares Overkill?

Are pocket squares overkill?

I watch the news religiously, mostly national news but local shows, too. I love watching to stay abreast of current events, listening to the commentary of the anchors. But, I must say that part of my fascination is checking out the accessories of both the anchors and their guests.

Knowing that they have stylists and a clothing allowance, money likely is no issues. I love to admire what combinations they put together.

But, sometimes I am just plain out disappointed when I see one of my favorites without a pocket square. I judgmentally shake my head in disbelief. Then I play virtual stylist and make recommendations to my wife about the options they could have gone with to complete their look with a few accessories.

Some people don’t even consider that “pop in their pocket,” but I believe the pocket square can completely transform your look so you really stand out. Overkill? I think not. It’s a simple but thoughtful gesture to show your attention to details. It’s definitely going to get some compliments.

Why not go the extra step?

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